OIT 10 biocide for Wood Preservative oil soluble bactericide/preservatives

OIT-10 is a highly effective, industrial fungicide that exhibits excellent fungistatic and fungicidal activity against fungi, including yeasts and mold, and Gram-Positive bacteria, and limited activity against Gram-Negative bacteria. Commonly known as octhilinone, 2-n-octyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one is the active ingredient of OIT-10. It is supplied as a 10 percent active liquid in propylene glycol. 

OIT is a kind of Oil soluble Bactericide and preservatives, suitable for Crude oil, wood industry. 

Now the most popular wood of Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) which is widly used as an engineered wood panel product,  It is specially manufactured for furniture and joinery industries. MDF is used in all applications that may restrict ventilation, in humid environments or high ambient temperatures, or where the occupants of buildings have special needs. 

Before to make the final wood products, the MDF must be done with anti-corrosion and mildew treatment. And anti-mold agents will help  MDF expanding long lifespan so that it does not mold or rot in use. 

As the high requirements on the anti-corrosion performance and non-mold performance of the product,Our product OIT 10% Biocide is very suitable for MDF.

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OIT 10 preservative

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