• DBNPA 99

    DBNPA 99

    1. DBNPA 99% powder is a broad-spectrum and high-efficiency industrial fungicide, able to eradicate a wide range of microbes (fungal, bacterial, algal).
    2. The aqueous solution of DBNPA biocide is more stable under acidic conditions, easily decomposes under alkaline conditions, and easily decomposes under the action of hydrogen sulfide.
    3. DBNPA Preservatives has good peeling properties, no foam when used, liquid products and water can be miscible with each other.
    4. Preshipment sample is free for test. And the bulk quantity goods quality is same as samples.

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  • DBNPA 20

    DBNPA 20

    1. DBNPA 20 solution is a broad-spectrum and water-soluble formula industrial fungicide.
    2. DBNPA antiseptic is non-oxidizing bactericide, does not affect the stability of chemical and physical structure of reverse osmosis membrane. Fast sterilization speed, low concentration;
    3. The original liquid is added directly, Extensive killing of bacteria, fungi, yeast and algae microorganisms;
    4. DBNPA 20% biocide is used for water treatment agents,paper-making, industrial circulating cooling water, lubricants for metal processing, Wood, paint and plywood.

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