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    DCOIT 97 Biocide

    DCOIT 97 Biocide

    1. DCOIT 97 is a broad-spectrum fungicide,the antibacterial agent and preservative can effectively kill Penicillium spp, Basidiomycetes, Black fungus, Fusarium. Providing lasting protection to achieve or exceed the effects of TBTO;
    2. DCOIT 97 Biocide has the latest slow-release technology, which can kill bacteria, fungi, algae and other marine organisms in a broad spectrum and efficiently.
    3. Dichloroctylisothiazolinoe is free of heavy metals. When released into the environment, DCOIT will quickly penetrate into the sediment and decompose, so it will not accumulate in marine life.
    4. Preservatives DCOIT is stable under strong UV and acid rain conditions.
    5. DCOIT 97 Biocide is widely used in marine paint, which provide lasting protection.

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  • 4 5 dichloro 2 n octyl 4 isothiazolin 3 one

    4 5 dichloro 2 n octyl 4 isothiazolin 3 one

    1. DCOIT 20 is highly effective anti-mildew and anti-algae agent, with wide spectrum of sterilization and long effect.
    2. Dichloroctylisothiazolinoe has broad spectrum activity, controlling a wide range of fungi, algae, and bacteria.
    3. DCOIT 20 biocide is low soluble in water, so the effect is long-lasting.
    4. 4.5-Dichloro-2-n-octyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one is flowable dispersion, easily incorporated into paint formulations.
    5. Dichloroctylisothiazolinoe fungicide does not release formaldehyde, friendly to enviroment.

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  • DCOIT 10 biocide

    DCOIT 10 biocide

    1. DCOIT 10 biocide is a liquid product, highly effective anti-mildew and anti-algae agent.
    2. Dichloroctylisothiazolinoe 10 is suitable for a wide range of pH, 3-9 can be used. Heat stable and easy to use.
    3. Dichloroctylisothiazolinone preservatives is miscible with a variety of non-polar solvents. DCOIT 10 biocide is non-miscible with water. The solubility of the active ingredient in water is <10 ppm
    4. Our company adopt the latest slow release technology, no loss, no yellowing. Preshipment sample could be supplied for test, and the bulk goods quality is same as samples.

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  • Biocide DCOIT 30

    Biocide DCOIT 30

    1. DCOIT 30 is a broad-spectrum fungicide, controlling of bacteria, fungi and algae.
    2. Dichloroctylisothiazolinoe could instead of the chemical compound like Poisonous Organic arsenic.
    3. 4-5-Dichloro-2-N-Octy-4-Isothiazolin-3-One is widely used as Marine Antifouling Preservatives, which has effective antisepsis, sterilization and algae killing.
    4. Biocide DCOIT 30 is used for marine paint preservatives, with good effect, cost-effective. Product quality is well received by domestic and foreign customers.
    5. The recommended amount is 5-15%(w/w).

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