Water Treatment Biocides

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    BKC Benzalkonium chloride 80% solution

    BKC Benzalkonium chloride 80% solution

    1. Benzalkonium Chloride is a kind of the Quaternary ammonium class of Cationic surfactants, which belongs to nonoxidizing biocide;
    2. BKC biocide has dispersing and penetrating properties, with advantages of low toxicity, no toxicity accumulation;
    3. Widely used in petroleum, chemical, power, textile and other industries in the circulating cooling water system; used as anti-mildew agent, antistatic agent, emulsifying agent;

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    DBNPA Biocide for water treatment

    DBNPA Biocide for water treatment

    1. DBNPA is a broad-spectrum and high-efficiency industrial fungicide, It has good peeling properties, no foam when used, liquid products and water can be miscible with each other.
    2. DBNPA 99 Preservatives could quickly penetrate the cell membrane of microorganisms and act on certain protein groups to stop the normal redox of the cells.
    3. DBNPA Biocide eradicate a wide range of microbes (fungal, bacterial, algal), Minimizes production down time and delays due to contamination.

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    Glutaraldehyde 50

    Glutaraldehyde 50

    1. Biocide Glutaraldehyde 50% is active, can be easily polymerized and oxidized, and it is an excellent cross-linking agent for protein.
    2. In water solution, Glutaraldehyde doesn't exist much in free state; instead, Glutaraldehyde makes appearance as hydrates with different forms.and most of them are hydrates with annular structure.
    3. Gglutaraldehyde Pentanedial has excellent sterilizing properties.
    4. It has features of low methyl alcohol content, no toxin accumulation and no eutrophication.
    5. Widely applied in oil exploitation, public health, biological chemistry, protein cross-linking agent industry. In addition it is used in leather treatment, plastic, adhesive agent, perfume, textile, paper-making, printing and photography industry.

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  • Water Treatment Chemical (ethylenedioxy) Dimethanol Eddm CAS 3586-55-8

    Water Treatment Chemical (ethylenedioxy) Dimethanol Eddm CAS 3586-55-8

    1.EDDM is a formaldehyde releasing bactericide with broad spectrum, high efficiency and low toxicity. It is suitable for metalworking fluids, detergents and softeners, lotion, fountain solutions, adhesives, coatings and other water-based systems.
    2. EDDM is suitable for inhibiting the growth and reproduction of microorganismsin various humid environments, preventing corruption and odor. It offers long-lasting protection, contributing to the preservation and durability of treated materials.
    3.EDDM exhibits excellent efficacy against a wide range of microorganisms, ensuring efficient and reliable antimicrobial protection. Secondly, it demonstrates good compatibility with various formulations, allowing for easy incorporation into different products.

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  • Mixture biocide of CMIT MIT and DBNPA used for water treatment

    Mixture biocide of CMIT MIT and DBNPA used for water treatment

    1.Our factory develops the WL-20 bactericidal antiseptic, which is formular biocide of CMIT MIT and DBNPA.
    2.The WL-20 antibacterial is used for water-based products, such as in water reducing agent, papermaking and other industries.
    3. This biocide has Fast onset, 24-hour sterilization rate reaches 99.9%;
    PH value is widely used and can be used from 2 to 8.5; Low odor.

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  • Scavenger Water Treatment Carbohydrazide 99% CAS 497-18-7

    Scavenger Water Treatment Carbohydrazide 99% CAS 497-18-7

    1. Our factory produce Carbohydrazide with purity 99% min. Free hydrazine is 250ppm min.
    2. Carbohydrazide is a derivative of hydrazine with strong reducing properties.
    3. It is easily soluble in water, the aqueous solution is alkaline, insoluble in ethanol, insoluble in alcohol, ether, chloroform and benzene.
    4. Carbohydrazide has a wide range of uses in the industry. Used as deoxidizer of boiler water treatment agent; Used as a component of rocket propellants; Used in medicine, herbicides, plant growth regulators, dyes and other industries.

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  • BKC Benzalkonium chloride 99 powder

    BKC Benzalkonium chloride 99 powder

    Benzalkonium chloride is a kind of cationic surfactant.
    BKC 99% powder is a non-oxidizing fungicide.
    Low toxicity, no accumulation toxicity
    Easily soluble in water. Antistatic agent, emulsifier, conditioner, etc..

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  • Water Treatment Chemicals CMIT MIT 14

    Water Treatment Chemicals CMIT MIT 14

    1. Isothiazolinone has the function of spectrum sterilization, can inhibit mold.fungi and bacteria,
    2. Kathon biocide has no drug resistance, the use cost is lower than the general preservatives in the market.
    3. CIT/MIT preservatives has excellent physical compatibility, and has a wide pH range suitable for use.
    4. Isothiazolinone can be naturally degraded into non-toxic substances without causing environmental pollution.
    5. CIT/MIT 14% can be widely used in oilfield、 dye leather tanning、papermaking、 pesticide、 cutting fluid、 leather、 ink、concrete admixture biocide in daily chemical field and microbial inhibitor.
    6. We have a professional production R&D team. This product has mature production technology and stable product quality.

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  • DBNPA 20 for water treatment

    DBNPA 20 for water treatment

    1. DBNPA 20 biocide is a broad-spectrum and high-efficiency industrial fungicide.
    2. DBNPA preservatives is used for water treatment agents,papermaking, industrial circulating cooling water, lubricants for metal processing, Wood, paint and plywood.
    3. Our production team always puts product quality first,The annual output of DBNPA is 1,000 tons, which can ensure continuous and stable supply to customers.
    4. Preshipment sample is supplied for test, and we guarantee the bulk goods quality is same as sample.

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