China Benzisothiazolinone for coating wholesale customized

  • Benzisothiazolinone for coating
  • Benzisothiazolinone for coating
  • Benzisothiazolinone for coating
  • Benzisothiazolinone for coating
  • Benzisothiazolinone for coating
  • Benzisothiazolinone for coating
Benzisothiazolinone for coating
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1. BIT preservatives is a new generation of important broad-spectrum fungicides.
2. BIT 85 powder is used in aqueous systems such as latex paints, waterborne wood lacquers, waterborne polymers, adhesives, inks, dye dispersions, and paraffin liquids.
3. Benzisothiazolinone fungicide is well-distributed with various emulsifiers, surface active agents and other ingredients, PH 2-12 can be used.
4. Free of formaldehyde, free of heavy metal.
5. BIT preshipment sample for customer's test. We ensure the quality is the same as bulk quantity.
6. During the BIT global out of stock, we have been maintaining continuous and stable supply for our customers.

BIT-85 ( Based on 1,2-Benzisothiazolin-3-one)

Preservation for Paints, Coating and Related Products

Item NameBIT-85 high grade Bactericide Preservatives  
Chemical Name1,2-Benzisothiazolin-3-one; Benzisothiazolinone; BIT 
Cas No.2634-33-5
EINECS No.220-120-9
Molecular formula C7H4NOS
Molecular weight  151.18
Content Purity: 99% min; Water: 15% max 

1,2-Benzoisothiazolin-3-one is a white crystalline powder, which is soluble in hot water and some organic solvents. Melting point is 154-158 degrees Celsius. BIT is bactericide and preservatives for kinds of high grade products, widely used in or Paints, Coating,inks and Related Products. 



White powder or alike

Content of active substance %


Flash Point


Density(25℃) g/cm3


Performance characteristics:

1. Spectral, long-lasting killing of a variety of bacteria, fungi and yeast, using a concentration of 0.1% (w / w) can achieve good inhibition;

2. It is well-distributed with various emulsifiers, surface active agents and other ingredients; It can be compatible with any ratio of alcohol solution and water, and is stable to amine compounds;

3. Applicable range of PH values, PH 2-12 can be used;

4. Strong stability, no change in storage for one year at minus 20 degrees Celsius to 40 degrees Celsius, the active ingredient is stable at 150 degrees Celsius;

5. No formaldehyde, no heavy metals, no halides;


Avoid any contact with the skin. Wear protective clothes, goggles, and rubber gloves in operation. Once touch, will be sensitive to skin.Irritating to the skin and eyes.


25kg/drum or 25kg/bag or 500kg/bag ,and then wrapped in pallets.


Shelf time is one year when stored at room temperature in a dark, air-tight, and moisture-proof place. 

Benzisothiazolinone for coating

Mode of Transport

Ocean Transport, Air Transport, Rail Transport and Courier Transport, or according to customer's request. Our priciple is to delivery the goods reached to customers with shortest time and ecomomic trasnport mode, safe and fast.

Our service - Right Partner, Better Future.

With more ten years experience in industrial biocide, preservatives and mold inhibitor, We provide comprehensive customer service, You are incharged for signing the contract only, all the rest will be done by us. We guarantee belows:

1) Goods quality will be same as pre-shipment samples, or COA which supplied to you firstly.

2) Package also could be done accordingly to cusotmer's request, safe and good look. Conform to standard of dangerous goods shipment. And photoes will be taken during the process of container load, which will be supplied to each customers.

3) Shipment will be done by us, booking the direct, non-transfer vessel for prompt shipment. And shipping details will be advised.

4) After vessel left, the full set shipping docments will be scaned & deliveried to you on time. 

5) Any issues after picking up goods or during the usage, pls contact us without hesitation.

As we expand our business all around the world, we look forward to cooperating with you in the near future.    

Which product is suitable for you? 

Benzisothiazolinone for coating                              Benzisothiazolinone for coating                    Benzisothiazolinone for coating                

MIT 50: 

It's water-based preservative, soluble in water. PH value is neutral and acidic. Directly add personal care products, cosmetics, coatings, pulp and other fields.Especially suitable for the storage of cosmetics and personal care products.

OIT 98:

It's used as biocides and preservatives for coatings, paints, inks, resins emulsions, oil water emulsions, wood products, photo-chemicals and metalworking fluid. 

BIT 10: 

It's high pH systems, suitable for alkaline, with high temperature resistance. Specifically recommended for the preservation of polymer emulsions, paints and coatings, adhesives, and printing inks.

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