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  • Triclosan Powder Pyrithione
  • Triclosan Powder Pyrithione
  • Triclosan Powder Pyrithione
  • Triclosan Powder Pyrithione
  • Triclosan Powder Pyrithione
  • Triclosan Powder Pyrithione
Triclosan Powder
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1. Triclosan, scientific name "two chlorobenzene oxygen chlorophenol", also known as its "new", "triclosan", etc.
2. It's dissolve slightly in water, medium solubility in dilute alkali solution, easily dissolve in organic solvents such as etyanol and acetone etc. It can be made into transparent highly condensed liquid products after dissolving in surfactants.
3. Triclosan antiseptic is a kind of broad spectrum antimicrobial, which has fine compatibility, Fine stability and Low volatility.
4. It has strong antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antipruritic effects. Widely used in soap, toothpaste and other daily chemicals.

Triclosan powder for Disinfectant sanitizer antiseptic powder

Raw materials Triclosan for Daily chemicals for detergent powder making use 


Product name Triclosan  
Other nametriclosan; triclosan new; jade clean new;  
Chemical name

2,4,4'-trichloro-2'-hydroxy diphenyl ether; 5-Chloro-2-(2,4-dichlorophenoxy) phenol;

CAS No.3380-34-5
EINECS No.222-182-2

Triclosan Powder Pyrithione

Triclosan is a highly effective broad-spectrum antibacterial agent, which has a wide range of killing and inhibiting effects on infections or pathogenic gram-positive bacteria and negative bacteria, fungi, yeast and viruses, as well as antibiotic resistant bacteria and non-antibiotic resistant bacteria.

It has strong antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antipruritic effects.

Physical natures 

a. Properties: white crystalline powder, aromatic slightly phenolic odour. 

b. Solubility: slightly dissolved in water, medium solubility in dilute alkali solution, easily dissolved in organic solvents such as ethanol and acetone etc.

c. It can be made transparent highly condensed liquid products after dissoving in surfactants.





White Crystalline Powder


A: IR spectrum consistent with that obtained with Triclosan RS

B.: The retention time of the major peak in the chromatogram of the assay preparation corresponds to that in the chromatogram of the standard preparation, as obtained in the assay

Assay (%)


Residue on ignition

0.1% max

Water (%)

0.1% max

Heavy metals

0.002% max

Melting Point (0C)


Triclosan Powder Pyrithione


1. Good compatibility- it has strong compatibility with other components of the product formula, and can play a synergistic role without chemical reaction.

2. Strong solubility- soluble in various organic solvents and water-soluble surfactants.

3, good stability- in strong acid, strong base, high temperature environment with a high degree of stability. Ph value in the range of 1-12 has a strong antibacterial effect; It does not decompose rapidly below 280 ° c -290 ° c.

4. Low volatility- the vapor pressure is 4x10-4 mmHg at 20℃ and 2x10-2 mmHg at 100℃.

5. Good safety- no acute toxicity or chronic toxicity, no allergy or phototoxicity, no harm to the nervous system, no irritation to the skin, no accumulation on organs and carcinogenesis.


Buccal disinfectant products. (Oral rinse, toothpaste)  

Personal care products. (facial cleanser, hair and body shampoo, deodorant products)

Antibacterial soap and dish washing detergent;

Hospital Hygiene disinfectant, antibacterial textile finishing agent; 


0.1%-0.5% according to the formulation.

Remark: In the new GB, Triclosan is allowed to add in toothpaste. The limitation of dosage is under 0.3%; 


Triclosan can co-exist well with human skins. Long-term and wide animal toxicological experiments also prove that using Triclosan in the advised application scope and amount limits can reach international toxicity standard for chemical products .It is a preferable safe and high performance broad spectrum antiseptic agent in the world of today. 

Storage: Keep container tightly closed. Store in a cool, dry, Well-ventilated area away fm incompatible substance, such as oxide, alkaline, anhydride and acyl chloride etc; 

Package: 25kg cardboard drum with PE inner bag;

Triclosan Powder Pyrithione

Quality Inspection Center

Each lot must be strictly inspected by QA dept. The goods will be allowed to leave factory only after quality qualified. Meanwhile the sample for each lot will be kept in lab at least one year, For the third authority party reinspect. 

Before new customers issue order, free sample will be supplied for test. And we ensure the sample quality is same as bulk quality.

Mode of Transport 

Multiple transportation methods could be selected by customers, including Ocean Transport, Air Transport, Rail Transport and Courier Transport. Our priciple is to delivery the goods reached to customers with shortest time and ecomomic trasnport mode, safe and fast.

Pre-sale Service

Triclosan Powder Pyrithione

Our Market

Our primary markets are North and South American, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa. With more ten years experience in industrial biocide, preservatives and mold inhibitor, Sinotrust had been supplying customers worldwide with high quality products. For clients who need more than one type of chemical product, we also provide mixed containers which will save you time and money.

With more ten years experience in industrial biocide, preservatives and mold inhibitor, We provide comprehensive customer service from the initial consultation to the final delivery of your order. We always serves with enthusiasm and accepts full responsibility in customers' work.Our priority is your satisfaction and growing solid relationships with each of our customers.

You are incharged for signing the contract, all the rest will be done by us. Looking forward to cooperate in the near future. 

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Triclosan Powder Pyrithione

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